How To Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page Or Business Page – Be A Magnet! Attract!

Be A Magnet! Attract!

Unless you have dug deep into the makings of a Facebook Fan Page, you probably are not aware of all the choices that you have to identify and to optimize your Business Fan Page. If you are a business owner and new to making Facebook into a business page to advertise your business, you will see that you have choices of identifying your business as one of six different ways. Think like how your customers will LOOK for you.

You could choose -

1. Local business or place

2. Company, organization or institution

3. Brand or product

4. Artist, band or public figure

5. Entertainment

6. Cause or Community

Your next step is to decide which of these best fits how you want your business represented on Facebook. I find that #1 and #2 are the most confusing for most people. But lately I have been finding #6, Cause or Community, being chosen for a business. I am not sure why a typical service or business would choose #6! As a company, if you support a cause, like prevent child trafficking, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the Help the Homeless, Mom’s Against _____, etc., this would be your choice. As a community – if you are a local entity of any of those listed above and have a small group or “community” to be recognized in your area – maybe like one of the city’s “Homeowner Association” or Park or Sponsors to the Zoo, etc., then the Community choice would work. Generally, any non-profit business or organization might choose this. But if you are a rug cleaning business, photography business, pet babysitter, etc., then, no, you would not wish to be labeled as a cause or a community. Even if you feel that the Fans you gather should feel like a “community” to you. Your business shouldn’t be labeled as such.

Home-based or Online Businesses

The choices of #1 or #2 could be your next likely choice. Let’s consider this- what if you are a home-based business. What should they choose? You will find that the sub-categories will give you a better idea! First note, that the Local Business or Place gives you the opportunity to include your location and phone number to your business. The “Company, Organization or Institution”, the #2 choice, does not. Is having your phone number listed important to you as a home-based business or maybe as an Online home-based business? Probably not. If that is the case, then #2 – as a Company, Organization or Institution, is a better fit for you.

Brick and Mortar Businesses

Again, #1 or #2 may be a good choice for you. Even #5 – Entertainment, could be your choice. #5 lets you choose your category from anything that “entertains”, from movie theater, concert location, sports, book store, or radio station. All of which, have a location but the address may not be a primary point of interaction for your business. If bringing some of your business excitement to Facebook is important and you may “entertain” online, this may be a great choice for you. If not, then, #1 or #2, depending on the information you wish to have available on your Facebook page.

About Your – ABOUT – Section On Your Facebook Fan Page

Since there are rules about placing calls to action (CTA) or website and email addresses on your Page Cover photo graphic, this information must somehow be available to your potential customers. The ABOUT section, which is just below your Facebook profile picture is where this information is going to be found, AND at one other wonderful spot that most people forget, but that comes later at the end of this article. Optimize your ABOUT section with relevant keywords! Just like you would if you were going to do a Google Ad. Why? Because, Google, Bing, and now in a special way with Facebook’s GraphSearch, your Business PAGE will be found by keywords that people use. The more relevant keywords the more it is found and that gives you better SEO – search engine optimization. The means that you will also be more visible on someone’s Google, Bing or Yahoo searches and be on the first page of the results! This is a good deal!! “But I can’t get all of the information I would like into my ABOUT section!” No problem for the most part. There might be an entry box that you don’t need. Fill it with that information. Even if it isn’t what the box is labeled for. Or maybe you didn’t realize you can add lots more characters into the box – it wasn’t as small as you thought! Try that. Find out how many characters the entry box will take.

For the often missed opportunity to promote your business hours, menu, location, specials, give-a-ways, web address, etc.,you can place this information every time you update your banner/cover photo in its description! It will show up as a photo update in everybody’s feed WITH that information. That is one good reason to change up that cover photo and keep it new, interesting, and promoting you!!!

In Summary:

1. Choose the right category that best fits your business for your Facebook Fan Page

2. Completely fill out the ABOUT section

3. Use effective keywords (like for an ad) in your ABOUT section – to attract searches

4. Utilize the entry box space given you.

5. Optimize your Banner/Cover Photo – following the Terms of Service not as a graphic, but as a description to your photo update.

You can’t just look at your Facebook Business Page like it was just another Facebook Profile site. It is much more. Properly optimized – it is like another website with its special audience full of potential customers looking for just what you offer! Be a magnet, draw them to you!

How to Apply for a Business Credit Card – 9 Tips You Must Not Forget

There are many advantages of having a credit card, either for personal use or for doing the necessary purchases of the daily running of your business. One thing you have to know though is that a normal credit card may not be the best option for making purchases that are meant for business purposes. So instead of using your personal card, get a card that is designed for business purchases to that you can get all the benefits thereof.

There are credit cards that are specifically designed for business owners. These types of cards make it possible to track purchases that are tax deductible. Most of the time they do come with other benefits that you would otherwise not enjoy from a regular personal card. If you want to apply for a business credit card, take these 9 tips with you in order to get the maximum benefits.

1. What kind of purchases do you intend to make?

First, determine the type of purchases you would be making with your card. For instance if you plan on buying costly tools for your business, go for a low interest business credit card where you can pay off the debt over a longer period of time. You can also deduct the interest accrued on the business income tax form.

2. Comparison shopping could save you a lot

Do a good comparison shopping before you sign up for a card. What should you look for? Pay attention to the interest rates, card maintenance fees and late payment fees, rewards and other benefits. Which of these would present the best value for your business?

3. Protection from fraudulent use is important

How well will the card be protected against fraudulent use? Do you plan on giving the card to other employees to use for purchases meant for the business? If yes, how well does the company protect your card from misuse?

4. Fringe benefits are important too

When you look at all the business credit card offers available to you, look for benefits you can use for your business. Travel discounts is a typical fringe benefit you can consider. This is especially true if you do travel a lot for your as part of the operation of your business.

5. Sometimes the grass is greener close to home

When you are ready to select a card, start from your local bank’s offers. Your bank may have some great business cards. Make sure you take advantage of this. Many business people do ignore this and go to the high street big bank when most of the time, there are better offers at their local bank.

6. Always use the business’ contact info on your applications

When you apply for the business credit card, provide the firm’s contact and financial information. If the business is a small local business, your personal financial information may be suitable. Ensure you have all the necessary legal documents ready before filling your application. These include your employer tax ID.

8. Monitor employees’ purchases too

If employees are going to be using the business credit card, ensure you track their usage of the card. You can do this using the online card management services provided by most credit card lenders.

9. Multiple applications are not recommended

It is advisable not to apply for multiple cards for your business. This will reflect poorly on your business’ credit profile. If you are denied on your first application, leave at least a 6 months gap before you make the next application.

If you take these tips with when you apply for a a business credit card, you should be able to get a good deal that will help your and your business greatly.